by The Nashville Plumber on April 5, 2013

Benefits of an electric water heater

Is your water not heating? When it comes to buying domestic water heaters, most people prefer electric water heaters. They have become quite common in the past few years as they offer ease and convenience of installation. Many homes do not have gas lines so they cannot install gas water heaters. However, electricity is there in almost all homes, so electric hot water heaters are most convenient.

Today all top manufactures offer electric water heaters in several models. You can buy these heaters as tankless and tank models. The tank models are available in various tank sizes from 20-100 gallons, and actual size depends upon your actual water usage and tank size. Households that use lot of hot water may need electric water heaters with a large tank.

Tank water heaters have insulated water tank to maintain water temperature to the desired level. The coils in the tank heat the water and it remains stored there until it is ready for use. However, periodic heating is necessary to maintain water at the desired temperature, as there is some heat loss through tank walls. Smaller tanks lose less heat than larger ones.

The tankless electric water heaters come without a tank. They have network of coils that heat water when it is required by the user. They are preferred by many people as they ensure continuous supply of hot water at a constant temperature. They do not use electricity to maintain water at high temperature in a tank, so they consume less energy. They are more compact and can be installed at any place and may last up to 20 years.

The electric water heaters are best for your home as they heat water more quickly to the desired level set on the tank. As electricity is available everywhere, their installation won’t take much time. Adding a gas line, if one is not already available, can be quite costly for you.

Electric water heaters also don’t release as much heat in the atmosphere as gas water heaters do. This gives you more flexibility on where you install your water heater. Electric water heaters are very eco-friendly, as they do not emit any CO2 into the air. They also do not need a flue or other special installation.

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