by The Nashville Plumber on September 24, 2012

Sewage Smell in My Bathroom, Time to Call My Nashville PlumberTime to Call the Plumber!

The odor of rotten eggs in your bathroom is often the result of gas from your sewer drain. You can have a sewage smell if you have a septic system or are connected to a municipal sewer system. The odor that is coming into the bathroom can have many causes and may require an inspection by a professional plumber.

Water Traps

A sink or other fixture with a drain has a water trap used to block sewage odors from coming back into the drain. If a sink or drain has not been used regularly, then the water in the trap might dry up. Water that dries up in the trap will allow odors to come back up the drain. The best way to fix this issue is to run a faucet and allow water to fill up the trap.

Toilet Issues

You may have an odor smell that is the result of a problem with your toilet. One problem you can have with your toilet is a worn wax ring. This can potentially cause a sewage smell in the bathroom You can determine if the wax ring is worn by checking to see if water is leaking after flushing. Another way for you to determine if the wax ring has gone bad is if the toilet begins to rock.

Vent Pipe

The vent pipe for your home allows foul air to escape and allows air into the drainage system. Flushing of the toilet can potentially draw water from a trap if a sink or tub discharges into the vent pipe. If your bathroom experiences an odor after the toilet is flushed, then the vent pipe may be the cause. Your vent may also be blocked by debris, such as leaves or a bird’s nest. A vent that is not properly vented causes sewer smells to occur.

Drain Pipes

A plumber will be needed to examine the drain pipe to see if it is damaged. A damaged pipe may cause sewer odors to come back into a basement bathroom. Your plumber will use a camera to check if the line is broken or needs to be cleaned.

Does your bathroom have an unpleasant odor that won’t go away? Call your Nashville plumbing specialists today at (615) 866-1917 for a quick and painless in-home consultation to get your bathroom back in working order.

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