by The Nashville Plumber on October 24, 2013

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Water heaters make life more enjoyable by making things like taking a warm bath easy and simple. Without them, this easy task becomes a long, drawn out process. It is a major factor in doing the laundry, dishes, and other household chores. It is no wonder that people panic when things go wrong with their hot water heater.

The best way to keep from having to replace a water heater is to know the indications that there is a need for maintenance. The most obvious sign is cloudy or rust colored water coming from the tap. This should not happen in new water heaters, but is an easy fix in older models. This is simply sediment that builds up over time and can be cleaned out.

Many people experience problems with the water temperature. It may take longer for the water to heat up, or may not get as hot as it had previously. Both of the problems mean that a component or two may need to be replaced in the water heater.

There can be problems in the pipes, whether they are made of metal or plastic. Plastic pipes do not corrode, but the glue that keeps the connections together can dissolve. All types of metal pipes can corrode over time. Water around the pipes can be a sign of leaking through either corrosion or loosening connections.

Be aware of noises coming from the water heater. Pops, or unusual noises that did not occur previously, can be an indication of a problem. This can also be a sign of buildup in the appliance. It can lead to a breakdown if it is not taken care of in a short amount of time.

There are a handful of problems that may arise with water heaters. From leaking pipes to sediment in the tank. These problems are not severe, however, the best way to keep your water heater running properly is to have routine maintenance checks.

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