by The Nashville Plumber on January 24, 2014

Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Maintenance


A hot water heater needs maintenance like any working fixture in you home. Signs are often subtle but detectable when you pay attention. Every hot water heater makes its own distinctive sound when the burners are heating the water. Take the time to become familiar with the normal sounds your water heater makes. Changes can indicate that it needs maintenance.

Homeowners automatically become accustomed to the amount of time it takes to get hot water from their faucets. It partially depends on how far the faucet is from the tank. The more distance water has to travel, the longer it will take you to get hot water from your tap. You will learn what is normal for your water tank. If it gradually starts taking longer to get hot water, maintenance can solve the issue.

A water heater that starts running more often to get the water hot is not working properly. It may be an issue with the burner, thermocouple or the tank itself. You may notice an increase in energy costs because the heater has to work harder to produce the same results. Having maintenance performed can restore your tank to good working condition. Left unchecked, it may quit working forcing you to buy a new one.

Water on the floor around your heater or running down the side of the tank indicates a leak. You may have a problem with condensation, the pressure valve, loose fittings or a leak in the glass liner. Most hot water heaters are in dark locations. When you add water, it makes a prime growing location for mold. The problem can continue to worsen putting your home in danger of more mold growth or a major water leak.

Your water will often give you signs that it is time for maintenance. Rust colored water, low water pressure or water that comes from the faucet in short spurts are common trouble signs. They usually signal that corrosion has built up inside the tank. You make your life easier, save money and extend the life of your hot water heater with regularly schedule maintenance.

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