by The Nashville Plumber on September 6, 2013

Importance of a Plumbing Inspection 


If you are looking into buying an older home, it is imperative that you commit to a thorough plumbing inspection prior to making a final decision. Since the average person can’t see the internal workings of most plumbing systems, it’s important to hire a professional plumber to carry out the inspection, as they have the needed equipment, such as specialized cameras, to view the condition of your sewer lines, drains, and more, in order to locate all trouble spots. A licensed plumber will know exactly what to look for, and will give you the most honest feedback about any issues they observe. Avoiding a plumbing inspection simply to save money could potentially lead to thousands of dollars of plumbing disasters in the future.

A plumbing inspector will in particular be looking at the water heater, septic tank, and fuel systems. They will ensure that the water heater drains properly, is lifted off the ground, and secured tightly. To ensure your comfort, exact temperatures of hot and cold water will be taken from the shower and sinks. A septic tank inspection will provide not only a visual check, but an evaluation of connectors, drainage point, and the leech field. Gas lines and pipe inspections will be conducted for your safety, as people die every year from undetected gas leaks. Undetected gas leaks waste valuable resources, and since gas lines are metered, you will be billed for the exact amount of gas that goes through the line. All fixtures will be checked for mobility to see if caulking needs to be reapplied.

A plumber can point out which devices, such as water heater or air conditioner, should be replaced with a newer, more energy efficient model. Additionally, they will look for small water leaks that lead to higher energy costs. Are you looking for a reliable residential plumber in the Nashville area? Contact Green Hills Plumbing at (615) 866-1917 and schedule a service call today!

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