by The Nashville Plumber on July 22, 2012

nashville-backflow-preventerWater distribution systems are designed to transport water from a water source to the consumer in a single direction. Back flow prevention devices are designed to keep contaminated water from storm drains and other external sources from flowing backwards into clean water. If the pressure in the water system is not properly maintained or the back flow prevention assemblies and device parts fail, water can flow in the opposite direction causing source contamination.

Most local building and plumbing codes require some type of  back flow prevention strategy or device. Air gaps are most common and consist of a space in the water storage area connected to the plumbing system. The check, or back flow valve prevents water from flowing backwards into the home by directing the water to flow one way. Water districts most everywhere are required to have back flow prevention plans, programs and devices in place. Annual testing by a certified backflow testing agency is require of each water supply district in the United States.Back flow prevention systems are vital for every source of potable water. In swimming pools, a back flow valve will prevent dirty water from entering the pool. In homes, several back flow valves will direct laundry and dish water away from drinking water, while a back flow valve on a sprinkler system will prevent lawn chemical and herbicides from entering the drinking water.

The valves on the back flow prevention system prevent water from flowing backwards. To prevent back flow, the pressure of these valves should be tested every year. Preventative testing will indicate whether or not a back flow risk exists. A gauge is inserted into the back flow valve to determine pressure levels. Low pressure indicates a loose valve and back flow risk.

When having back flow valves tested, it is important to check with local building and plumbing codes. Some municipalities require testing to be performed by a licensed agency. Though the test procedure does not take long, the water will need to be shut off during testing. If a problem is discovered, the repair may be as simple as replacing a valve or as complicated as replacing the back flow prevention system. In some cases, a cracked pipe may be to blame, which will either need to be repaired or replaced.

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