by The Nashville Plumber on May 2, 2013

The Benefits of a Backflow Testing Device


Unaware to the average homeowner, most modern homes come installed with a backflow prevention device. The job of this device is to act in essence as a one way regulator, thus this prevents any unwanted liquids to flow through your plumbing system. Just like any electronic device however, your backflow prevention device can stop working properly, or fail altogether; for this reason it is imperative that you test your backflow regulator at least once or twice a year to ensure that the system is working properly.For this reason it can be beneficial to you to purchase a backflow testing device. A backflow testing device, which can generally be purchased from a hardware store or an online retailer, plugs into a port on your homes backflow prevention device; it then tests the system to make sure that it is working properly. Purchasing a backflow testing device is a great investment, as you will need to test your backflow system annually in any house you live in. Having your own backflow testing device will save you money, as you will not have to hire someone else to test your system for you.

While it can be beneficial to you to purchase a testing device for your backflow prevention system, it is still imperative that you have your device maintained by a professional. Buying your own testing device will save you from having to call a professional to test the system, but if the test shows there is something wrong with your device, it is best to hire a professional and not try to repair the device yourself. The untrained homeowner will not know where they would need to start to fix their system. For this reason the repair of the system should be left to a professional, as you could end up further damaging the device if you try to repair it yourself, costing yourself more money in damages. Purchasing a backflow testing device is a great way to save money on testing your backflow prevention system; however, it is still best to leave the repairing of the device to professionals.

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