by The Nashville Plumber on August 23, 2013

Things to know about hydro jetting


Hydro Jetting or high water pressure plumbing is another one of the many tools a professional plumber has in his arsenal of plumbing tools. Just like our bodies accumulate grease or cholesterol in our arteries, our homes, businesses and or any other properties, also accumulate buildup and blockage in the plumbing systems. Hydro Jetting is a service that is used to safely and effectively inspect the affected plumbing system using the most up to date in technology.

Using this technology, a plumbing professional will insert a camera at the end of a long hose. Using the camera the plumbing professional will make a determination if Hydro Jetting is the right technique to unclog your drain. Once the decision has been made, then a nozzle that sprays water in front and behind the nozzle will be inserted into the drain. This nozzle allows high water pressure that will cut through the clog and all the grime along the way cleaning the drain or pipe 360 degrees. This method is way more effective than previous snaking methods where a plumbers snake was to be inserted and hand cranked.

The snaking method worked well to unclog the main clog, however it was not a precise maintenance tool. It would snake along the pipe and the cranked motion would push it along the pipe, but it would not be effective in clearing the pipe of any additional grime, or foreign materials. Because the snaking method was not 100% effective at removing additional matter, the drain would clog again in a few months and the owner would have to have the drain snaked again. This would end up costing the owner additional time and money.

Hydro Jetting is not hand cranked and will not skip over any pipe area. Hydro Jetting will cover 360 degrees of your drain pipe and clean all along the pipe and through the blockage. This system will maintain the drain free of any foreign material and prevent your drain from re-clogging. This can be used for maintaining the plumbing system in good condition with little trouble.

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