by The Nashville Plumber on August 15, 2012

What do Water Softeners Actually Do in Nashville?

Nearly every harsh chemical cleaner tries to force you to run to the store, with shocking statistics about how the majority of Americans have hard water. Plumbers warn that hard water will clog your drains. Beauty experts claim that hard water damages hair, causes buildup, and makes it hard to control. If you’re a homeowner and any of these facts bother you, then it might be time to start looking at installing a water softener, but how much do you know bout them?

The elements that make water hard are calcium and magnesium, among other metals, and they can transfer from your water to your pipes, shower walls or skin. Water softeners work by removing these elements to improve the quality of your water. As you might guess, this means a little less elbow grease when it comes to cleaning the shower door, maintaining your plumbing and washing your hair.

Water softeners for home use typically consist of ion-exchange devices, which a professional can outfit to the plumbing of your home. These devices contain a resin of univalent ions, usually sodium or potassium, that bind with the elements that make your water hard. This does result in a release of sodium, potassium and sometimes hydrogen atoms into softer water.

After several cycles, the resin fills with the metal ions from your hard water. You must then clean the resin for it to remain usable. This typically involves a salt bath, which allows the ion exchange process to start all over again. If your water is especially hard, you might need to perform this process more frequently. Additionally, harder water also results in a higher release of sodium or similar ions into your water stream in place of the calcium or other minerals.

When you’re looking for the right hard water solution, remember that some systems are electronic, while others aren’t. If your water requirements are especially high, you might prefer a dual-basin water softener. One basin is always able to meet your water needs, even if the other basin is currently regenerating resin for the water softening process.

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