by The Nashville Plumber on March 14, 2014

The Advantages of Garbage Disposals


The life of a home owner often comes with a surprising amount of responsibility. People often don’t realize just how many options are available for their homes. Often times home owners are also unaware of the full benefits of the options available to them. One of the best examples of this is the garbage disposal unit.When home owners decide on whether to have a garbage disposal unit installed, they’re usually only looking at one aspect of the device. First and foremost, it is of course there to allow one to simply scrape food off and into the sink. The machine quickly chops up food that’s pushed down into it. Basically, a garbage disposal is a quick and effective way to allow people to more easily wash off their dishes.

What people are often unaware of is that utility isn’t the only reason garbage disposals are so useful. Much of the other benefits of a garbage disposal have to do with the nature of food itself, a full 10% to 20% of an average household’s garbage mass is food leavings. When that number is extrapolated over an entire country, the total volume of food sent out with the garbage every day is staggering.

The food scraps wind up taking up space, which is always a dwindling commodity for any population. The larger issue though is that the food will rot, and in the process release methane gas into the air. In small amounts this isn’t a problem, but the huge amount of food waste that people generate in total is actually a big factor in the greenhouse effect.

At the same time, use of a garbage disposal sidesteps the problem of landfill decomposition. After food is chopped finely enough to go down the drain, it enters into a system of waste water treatment which is finely tuned to disposal of organic contaminants. The food remnants are able to be cleanly processed at that level, and either turned into fertilizer or used for energy production.

Of course, there’s another significant aspect of rotting food to any home owner. It’s very easy for a kitchen sink to wind up with bits of food clogging pipes. Once stuck in there, food will begin the inevitable rot. With that rot comes a foul smell that can be quite difficult to track down. Garbage disposals are an easy way to prevent the vast majority of such incidents from ever happening in the first place.

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