by The Nashville Plumber on October 8, 2012

Nashville clogged toilet cleaning tips

The key to a great bathroom experience is to keep your toilet clean and stink-free.

Tip Number One – If you are in immediate need, keep a box of matches in the bathroom. When matches are struck, they give off the chemical smell of sulfur dioxide. If your toilet area is really stinky, striking a match can give you a few moments of relief from the smell. You won’t have enough time to linger, but it should improve your experience quite a bit. Don’t forget to light another when you are done, if someone else is waiting.

Tip Number Two – Decide which cleanser you will be using. For deep, very old stains, hydrochloric acid can be used. It is extremely effective at getting the really entrenched stains out. There are natural ingredients that will do most jobs. A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda is all you need for most jobs. Make a solution with the two and apply to stubborn stains. Scrub under the lip of the bowl and outside as well. Don’t forget to get at the caulking around the base. Mold and other nasties can congregate there.

Tip Number Three – If the smell is particularly pungent, you need to check your septic tank. A septic tank in need of attention can send the funky fumes into your bathroom. A bad septic smell can be a blessing in disguise. It will give you time to address the problem before the tank ruptures, floods your basement, and has to be replaced.

Dirty, smelly toilets can be conquered. With these tips, you should be able to reclaim your throne. The bathroom should be a place of repose, not somewhere to hold your nose!

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