by The Nashville Plumber on June 20, 2013

Is your water heater running efficiently?


A water heater is not the first or the foremost appliance in our homes that comes to mind often. They are overlooked and usually in a place that is out of sight. This does not mean that they are any less important to the daily functions of our homes. Ensuring that they are working properly will save you money and last minute frustrations.

There are two sure fire ways to tell that a hot water heater needs to be serviced. The first of these is the temperature of the water in sinks and showers. If the hot water runs out quicker than usual there is probably a need to have it checked. If the hot water runs out altogether, service should be considered. Finally, if the hot water does not seem to replenish as quickly as it should, there is probably an issue with the unit.

The second way in which one can realize that a maintenance call may be in order is the monthly utility bills. Whether it be gas or electric, if the water heater is not working up to par the utility bill will increase dramatically. Be sure to pay attention when the electric or gas bills seem to increase without a reason behind it.

Obtaining maintenance for the water heater is significantly cheaper than having to have it replaced. A local plumber will be able to check coils and burners to make sure that they are working properly. They can also assure that there are no issues with the electric or gas that heats the water. A service call is well worth it to preserve the life of your water heater.

Do not delay to get service for the unit if problems are starting to arise. Letting a small issue go too long will cause it to become a big problem. The cost of a service call could turn into having to deal with water damage, increased utility bills and even having to replace the unit. Maintenance is more cost effective and will ensure no breach of hot water.

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