by The Nashville Plumber on August 30, 2013

Need to unclog your drains?


Chemical drain cleaning solutions may in fact, not only be ineffective, but may harm both its consumers and their families. Chemical cleaners are unnatural and do not truly correct plumbing issues for the long-term. There are a number of reasons to avoid these substances.

For one, chemical cleaners are harmful to the health and well being of family members and pets. The fumes exhausted from such chemical substances are often poisonous. Therefore to inhale the substance’s fumes, can be hazardous to one’s skin, mouth, nose, and eyes. People often ignore such warning signs and choose to use such products in the home, without fully understanding the true costs that come with these kind of products.

Beyond the harms done to just one’s family, chemical cleaners are detrimental to environment and ecosystem that we reside in. Residuals of the substances that are left on bottles that contain the chemical cleaners are put into landfills. These substances seep into the Earth, into bodies of water, thus harming fish and various other organisms that inhabit or drink from the polluted water source. Furthermore, the poisonous substances leak into the water supply of people themselves and are harmful to society as a whole.

Also, these chemical cleaners have been found to damage the very same appliances that they were supposed to remedy. The cleaners can also be a significant cause of damage to the fixtures’ pipes. Chemical drain cleaners contain substances that destroy the finish of sinks and bathtubs, thus requiring the consumer to replace or repair the fixtures, which can prove to be very time-consuming and costly. It is also possible, that the harsh chemicals can wear down metals, creating openings and damage to pipes, causing leaks and forcing the owner to unnecessarily replace such pipes with new, expensive ones.

There are alternate ways to fix drainage issues, while circumventing the use of chemical draining solution to do so. To do this would be to protect one’s family, home, and environment, from the increasing use of chemical substances within the modern household.

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