Mt. Juliet High Pressure Drain Cleaning

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Blocked sewer lines in a home or business can lead to water backup that can flood a basement. When a sewer line is clogged, a plumbing service is needed to clear the line. Plumbers have a variety of options to clear a blocked drain line. The best method for this purpose is to use hydro jetting.

The process of hydro jetting is used by Green Hills Plumbing to remove all the grime and build-up that has accumulated on the inside of drain pipes. Regularly scheduled maintenance for the cleaning of your drain lines will prevent any plumbing issues from occurring.

Strong jets of water are used to force blockages out of the line. A visual inspection of the line is needed to determine if there is another problem that is present such as a collapsed line. Build-up on a drain line includes scale, grease, and other types of sediments that can cause blockage. Material in the pipe forms into a liquid that washes down the line.

A hydro-jet system consists of a power nozzle that is connected to a motor that creates water pressure at 4,000 PSI or more. Water sent through the drain or sewer line at this pressure scours the pipe and clears any type of blockage. A business such as a restaurant can benefit from this process to prevent backup of sewer lines.

If your drain lines consist of metal pipe, rust can accumulate in the line. Your line may also have grease deposits that have hardened. This will restrict and even block the flow of water. This is one cause of the drain in your kitchen or bathroom draining slowly.

When a standard plumbing snake does not fix a blocked drain pipe, a hydro jet process is an option that will fix the problem. A plumbers snake will cut a path to open the pipe. The hydro jet process will clear the entire pipe to a like-new condition.

Customers that suffer from a blocked drain in their home or business can call Green Hills Plumbing 24/7 for reliable service. We also offer other plumbing solutions depending on your exact circumstance.