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Many people love their home and overlook its quirks. Some houses may have an unusual design, a door that squeaks or garish pieces of furniture that never get tossed out. Every house has little issues that homeowners get used to because they do not wish to spend money fixing minor problems.

Some homeowners think their leaky pipes are an annoyance they must tolerate. However, bad pipes are an issue that needs to be fixed quickly. Bad pipes can cause damage to the whole house and are expensive when left untreated. Green Hills Plumbing specializes in fixing pipes before they become a major problem.

Here at Green Hills Plumbing we make sure that our employees we send out to do the job had been trained properly beforehand and are professional when it comes to the project they handle. We also gave a policy to our employees to work while not disrupting regular affairs at those establishments and to work cleanly and neatly as possible by covering the flooring, cleaning all work areas and removing all work debris.

We give our clients the assurance that all the employees we send out are under Green Hills Plumbing, as we do not subcontract people to do the job for us. If you are not satisfied with what we had done for you or if any of our people has committed something you would not want to see, do not hesitate to call us and we would not hesitate to act on it as soon as possible.