by The Nashville Plumber on August 8, 2014

Why Should I Install a Garbage Disposal? 

Nashville Garbage DisposalOne of the most popular and modern conveniences of today is the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals have been around for many years. Developed in 1938, they have come a long way since they first entered the home. The purpose of the disposal’s development, was for a convenient way to dispose of food waste, and thereby helping to keep your house clean and neat.

A disposal works by grinding and shredding food waste into tiny particles that are then sent into the sewage system to be carried away. When feeding a large family, making meals can create a big mess. There can be a lot of food and scraps to dispose of, before, during, and after the meal. A disposal makes the process of cooking and clean-up much easier.

Most people look for disposals on the list of features of a home when looking to purchase one. This is because most people realize the value of, as well as the convenience of having a food disposal in their home. One of the most desirable features a disposal offers is the elimination of old food piling up in the garbage can, waiting for your scheduled, weekly curbside garbage pick-up.

Quick and easy discarding of food helps to prevent a lot of issues; including, bad smells from old and rotting food. By eliminating old, discarded food quickly, you will help to prevent infestations of ants, roaches, flies, and other germ-carrying bugs. You will also help reduce the risk of mold growth.

Disposals come in several different horse powers, as well as in a wide variety of price ranges. You are sure to find one that fits your needs and your budget. Many people find it easy to install their disposal themselves. Easy installation is one of a disposal’s best features. They fit just below the sink and connect to the drain line. If you don’t feel comfortable installing your disposal, you can have a plumber install it for you.

If you are in need of a quick and easy way to dispose of discarded food, or maybe you just want to add instant value to your home to help with your resale value, consider installing the convenience of a garbage disposal to your kitchen.

It is your time to benefit from the advantages of a garbage disposal! Call Green Hills Plumbing today at (615) 383-3339 for efficient installation services in the Nashville area. 

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