by The Nashville Plumber on October 18, 2013

Signs that your sump pump needs maintenance


A sump pump is a system that is used to remove water from one area and pump it out to a desired location. These systems are typically found in the basements of homes, either as a built in system or portable unit. The job of a sump pump in a basement is to control the way that water gathers in the basement and then remove it so that your possessions stay safe and dry.

There are signs to look for that indicate that maintenance is needed on your sump pump. Some of these signs include strange noises, a foul odor, and rising water or water not being removed at all.

Strange Noises: Any noise that is coming from your sump pump should not be ignored. Commonly heard noises that can indicate maintenance is needed are grinding, banging, or humming. These noises can indicate a mechanical failure which in turn can lead to flooding. There may be dirt or foreign material clogging the motor which can burn out the system and it requires maintenance to remove it.

Foul Odors: The presence of a foul odor coming from your sump pump or from the area that it is located is a problem that should be addressed immediately. A foul odor has a number of implications. It can be caused by material that has clogged the system and can’t be evacuated. It can also mean there may be leaks in the seals of the pump or a problem with the vents. Another major problem that foul odors can indicate is the presence of mold in the area around your sump pump. Mold in the home can cause many respiratory problems and health concerns for those living in the home.

Rising Water: Perhaps the most obvious sign that your sump pump needs maintenance is the presence of standing water. While most likely to be noticed during times of heavy rains or storms, rising or standing water seen at any time can mean that your sump pump has stopped working completely or it is clogged and cannot keep up with the demand.

Sump pumps provide a crucial service to a home with a basement and should be monitored for required maintenance and an appropriate professional hired to complete the job. If the sump pump in your Nashville home is acting up, you should call Green Hills Plumbing right now at 615-383-3339 and get it taken care of immediately!

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