by The Nashville Plumber on November 12, 2012

Water heaters can be very costly. Performing a water heater tune-up in you Franklin, TNevery fall (or once a year) can extend the life of your water heater. A water heater can be expected to last for around 12 years or longer with routine maintenance. If your water heater is 15 years old or older, you may want to replace it with a newer energy efficient model. Check the bottom of your heater for rust or leaks, if any are found the water heater should be replaced.

You may want to speak to a water heater specialist regarding your water heater options. A functional water heater is essential, especially in the cold winter months. You definitely do not want that water heater dying on you in the dead of winter.

There are many sizes and options available on todays market. You will want to look at warranties, amount of insulation, energy efficient models and BTU input and recovery time. The choices include electric, gas, solar and tankless models. With tankless water heaters, you have instant hot water. Tankless is the way to go if you have a large family because you never run out of hot water.

Annual maintenance tips:

Test the temperature-pressure relief valve by discharging several times. Look for leaks from the valve.

Flush the heater to remove debris and sediment in the bottom, heaters tend to collect sediment and debris in the bottom, which can shorten the life of your water heater and increase your energy costs. You will need to drain your water heater by attaching a garden hose to the valve. This will empty the water and sediment from your heater.

Set the thermostat on your water heater at 120 degrees, higher temperatures are costly and have a chance of scalding someone.

Insulate older model water heaters with a fiberglass insulated blanket to improve efficiency. Newer heaters are already energy efficient.

And last, when going away for a few days, switch your water heater to the vacation setting, that way it will not be heating your water, yet the pilot light will stay lit, saving you money.

I you think your water heater is not performing like it should, consider having your heater checked by a specialist  in your Franklin, TN home. Call Green Hills Plumbing today at (615) 866-1917. 

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