by The Nashville Plumber on September 10, 2012

Rheem Tankless Water Heater Install by Your Nashville Plumber

A tankless water heater is a marvelous invention for the modern consumer. No longer are you limited to a specific amount of hot water as the tankless water heaters provide a steady, nonstop stream of hot water for your bathing and washing needs. While more expensive than a standard tank water heater, the tankless systems are considerably smaller and much more efficient.

If you are considering a tankless water heating system, it is wise first to understand a standard water heating system. A large storage tank holds a set amount of water; hot water drains out the bottom and is replaced with cold water through the top. Heating elements inside the tank reheat the tank’s water to a preset temperature, and the heating elements maintain the temperature with regular cycles. However, even the most modern tanks have a degree of heat loss even with the insulation around the tank.

A heat exchange system, similar to an AC unit or refrigerator, heats water as it passes inside the tankless water heating system. As long as the customer has a flowing water source, there is a steady stream of hot water. A tankless water system has zero heat loss because the system generates hot water on an as needed basis.

There are two basic styles of tankless water systems: point-of-use and whole house. The point-of-use systems are smaller and are suitable for kitchens or washing rooms; these systems normally use electricity to heat water. Whole house tankless water systems will function in an average American home but use propane or natural gas for heating.

Whole house systems must use the natural gas or propane because the electric models will not produce the volume of hot water necessary for an entire home. Some homeowners will use two tankless systems because of the size of the home, but this decision is up to the individual consumer. While the initial investment of a tankless system is more expensive than a standard tank water heating system, the advantages of the tankless system manifest themselves in reduced electrical and gas expenses.

Considering a tankless water heating system for your home? Contact your Nashville water heater specialists today at (615) 866-1917 to schedule an in-home consultation and learn more about how a tankless water heater can be beneficial for you and your home.

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