by The Nashville Plumber on June 27, 2014

Amount of Time it Takes to Repipe Your Bathroom


RepipingOver the years, pipes that lead from a bathroom may age and become less efficient that they once were. When it comes time to consider repiping, there are many questions that homeowners may have about the process. One question that is asked more frequently than others is regarding how long the total process will take. A bathroom being out of service can really affect the quality of life for families during a repiping.

The size of a house and the number of bathrooms is a big factor in determining how long a repiping will take. If the house is a standard, two bathroom home, the repiping process may only take a day. If there is a usable crawl space underneath the home, it makes it easier and more accessible for plumbers to do the work quickly. The water has to be turned off during the repiping process, so this job is one that plumbers will do as quick as possible.

In the event that the home is bigger than the standard two bathroom, the repiping process may take two or more days. Typically, plumbers will complete one or two bathrooms and then wait until a new day to start a new one. Any sealant used during piping may require an additional 24 hours to dry, so it is important that customers have a back up plan for showers and cooking during the repiping process.

Overall, the repiping process is completed rather quickly. Depending on the size of a home, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days. Customers are urged to find arrangements for water usage due to the time needed for installation and the time needed for caulking or sealant to dry. Once this process is completed, though, the pipes will likely last for decades to come. There are different types of pipes that are used for bathrooms, including PVC and copper.

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