by The Nashville Plumber on January 18, 2013

You are aware of the pipes that are in your Franklin, TN home; there is a pressurized system that delivers water from the water supplier’s main to the fixtures in your home as well as a drain system that takes waste water from those same fixtures to your private septic system or municipal collection system. You also know that a failing plumbing system has the potential to cause property damage should a leak be significant enough or go on long enough without detection. There may also consequences for your families’ health, given the possibility of contamination of the water supply or leakage of waste water into the home. Very little of the piping and fittings are visible so you must rely on other evidence to determine the state of the plumbing system. Just what can you do to monitor these systems?

The most obvious symptom of pipe degradation is evidence of leaking pipes or joints, as the pipes age and corrode the pipe walls become thinner and less able to contain the pressurized flows; chronic leaking is a sure sign that pipe replacement is needed. This same corrosion also effects the quality of the water coming out of the faucet, does the water contain sediments or is it discolored? If so, it is likely that internal pipe corrosion may be the culprit. Another more subtle sign could be reduced water pressure and flow due to sediment blockage from those corroding pipes. Another reason to replace plumbing might be unequal water pressure from one part of the house to another, perhaps due to changes or additions that have been made to home the without corresponding changes to the plumbing to properly allocate flow. Likewise the wastewater piping is subject to deterioration resulting in cracks, clogs and even collapsed pipe. Check the plumbing fixtures at the lowest elevation, usually a laundry sink in the basement, this is the first place that a clogged or collapsed sewer lateral (pipe from house to septic or collection system) will make itself known.

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