by The Nashville Plumber on January 10, 2014

Questions You Should Ask a Plumber Before Hiring One


If you encounter a plumbing issue in your home, one the worst things you can do is hire the first plumber you see in hopes of fixing the situation fast. It behooves you to ask a few qualifying questions to ensure you are covering your bases. Asking a few fitting questions can help you avoid pitfalls many homeowners encounter. The following questions are some of the most pertinent questions you should ask to ensure that you have enlisted the right plumber for the job.

How much experience does the plumber have working on jobs akin to yours? You must check the plumber’s level of experience. In some cases, while some plumbers might have dedicated many years to their craft, they might not have experience repairing your specific plumbing issue. Not all problem problems are created equal.

Moreover, the consequences of hiring a skill-deficient plumber are costly and time consuming. If the plumber you hire fails to do a thorough job, you will have to hire another one to do the work. In most cases, the new plumber has to undo everything, which will cost you more money. While you might be tempted to hire a less experienced plumber because it cost less, the quality of the repair is likely to suffer.

Does the plumber or plumbing company offer free evaluations? Obtaining an estimate of how much the job will cost you is helpful. If you hire the plumber beforehand, the costs can pile up quickly, and you might be left to wonder if the plumber is duping you. It is best to get a scope of the labor needed. A good plumber should have no qualms about coming to your home to estimate the work you need done. This will also help you get a better idea of how the plumber operates.

Does the plumber have the appropriate plumbing license? A professional plumber should carry a proper plumbing license. If you encounter a plumber who refuse to show you the license, do not hire them. Because licensing requirements differ depending where you live, contact your local licensing authorities to learn of the requirements in advance. Ask the plumber to show you a copy of his or her license to see if the license satisfy those requirements.

Is the plumber suitably insured? Although insurance is not a requirement for plumbers to have by law, it is an additional safety measure you should expect of any professional you hire. Unfortunately, problems can arise from a plumbing job. If you hire a plumber with no insurance and the person suffers an accident, you are liable for covering the costs of any damage. This financial accountability applies to the home and any person in the home.

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