by The Nashville Plumber on July 2, 2012

nashville-plumber-leak-detectionWhen you have a leak somewhere in the home coming from the plumbing system, what can you do about it? You could go through some simple steps to determine if the problem is severe and should be attended to by professionals. You may even be able to handle the problem yourself if you are willing to take the appropriate steps to ensure a tight seal without causing damage to the plumbing system.

Evaluating the Leak
As soon as you have noticed the leak, it is important to determine how urgently it needs to be fixed. If the leak is from a location where the water simply drains out and is a small dribble or drip there is some leeway in how soon the leak should be serviced. If the leak is somewhere where water damage is highly probable, it should be addressed as quickly as possible.For example, you do not want water to leak onto wood or porous surfaces and carpet. The moisture can cause structural damage and has a high likelihood of encouraging the growth of allergens such as mold or fungus. Leaks of this nature have to be solved to eliminate or reduce such damages and dangers from occurring. Water must also be removed from these surfaces consistently to reduce flooding and spread of the possible damage.It is best to set something to catch the dripping and cut off water flow to the home when a leak occurs. The main water valve could be located outdoors or inside the home. Common locations in the home are the garage, utility closet or in a laundry room but is dependent on the design of the home. All faucets in the home should be opened after closing the water to allow excess pressurized water to be removed from the pipes. Handling the Repair For small leaks, you can perform temporary fixes using products such as a pipe clamp, pipe epoxy putty or plumbers amalgamation tape. These are temporary fixes which will need to be addressed later. Unless you have experience with working with leaks and have all of the tools available to replace the faulty pipes or repair the leak manually, you will eventually need to have the issue serviced.You may consider hiring a plumber to evaluate the issue and perform the necessary repairs to the plumbing to stop the leak. They are most qualified with plumbing systems and problems that arise with them including leaks. They have been trained to handle these issues and have had experience with similar situations if not the exact problem that is causing your leak. If the leakage progresses quickly, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber right away.
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