by The Nashville Plumber on July 25, 2014

How Can a Tankless Water Heater Improve Your Home’s Value?

Nashville Tankless Water Heater What is so great about tankless water heaters? Is it that they provide the necessary alternate energy source should your electricity be cut off because of problems with infrastructure? When the gas goes out, use electricity and when the electricity goes out, use gas. Right?

It would seem that in this day and age, energy usage by Americans is more about wants than needs. For instance, homeowners endure questions about whether they should remodel, sell, stay or go. Compounded with the real estate market’s troubles, the recovery has resulted in a still shaky job market and many are staying put, planning to live a while longer in their current homes.

If you are thinking about renovating your home and adding a tankless water heater, then the best place to start would be the bathroom. Upgrades for bathrooms have immediate benefits for the homeowner. It also satisfies a future buyer’s priority because bathroom renovations recoup over 70% of project costs.

That’s where a tankless water heater comes into play. It can provide the luxury of hot water that is limitless. The heater is also a big feature for someone buying a home because it makes for a more livable and retreat style bathroom, with other attractive amenities. The heater can also use up to 40% less energy and last twice as long as a regular heater.

Water heater technology has been around for more than 100 years and has virtually not changed. Technology worked so well back then. Nowadays, tankless water heaters bring hot water on demand, instead of storing it in a reserve. Tankless water heaters don’t have to keep any volume of water hot or on standby because they don’t have to have as much energy as tank heaters, and they effectively lower utility costs. It can add up to a 30% difference. The tankless water heaters also have high efficiency ratings, almost 100%.

Energy conservation and environmental issues are important to a lot of people today. The tankless water heaters can either be operated with natural gas, propane or electrically. These heaters can heat more water faster for less cost. They also put out more heat than standard heaters. Tankless water heaters, powered by gas, can heat a whole home with over 5 gallons of water by 60 degrees Farenheit every minute. Another attractive quality about the tankless water heaters is their size. They are but a fraction of the size of conventional heaters and can even be installed outside the home to help save space.

Installing a tankless water heater can add value to your property. To heat water can account for almost 30 percent of the home’s energy budget. Energy costs can be cut in half using a tankless water heater, with a savings of around $80 per year.

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