by The Nashville Plumber on April 25, 2013

Benefits of Hydro Jetting


If you own a drain or septic tank, you know the importance of cleanliness. A versatile plumber is familiar with hydro-jet cleaning, which is similar to power washing used on cars, windows and pavements. Our professionals clean safely and effectively with hydro jets.

If you have confronted blocked sewers, you know that the problem escalates quickly. The odors and mess must be taken care of immediately. It is dangerous to everyone’s health and increases the utility bills. However, some buildings do not provide easy access to the mainline. In that case, hydro jetting is used.

Hydro jets quickly release large amounts of water at pressures that can reach 3,500 psi. The jets remove years of ingrained dirt that have collected on the walls. This technique is one of the best ways to fix the most stubborn collections. Oil, grease and non-biodegradable substances are common problems. This method returns pipes and sewers to normal use.

Our plumbers clean your systems and leave minimal damage. We can use cameras to make the job more efficient. We do not recommend looking around in the dark. That kind of special equipment helps us move through the pipes. Even so, hydro jetting is usually strong enough to eliminate the use of other tools. After we complete the jetting, we carry out hydrostatic tests that detect leaks and cracks inside the system. Repair these problems right away. As a customer, use a professional who suggests repairs and replacements like the replacement of old pipes. Old-fashioned pipes are made out of clay or cast iron, which should be replaced by PVC materials. Good plumbers tell you when it is time to make change.

Hydro jetting is the method used to maintain pipes and septic systems. Many businesspeople will not take advantage of it until they find large clogs. The work can be done routinely as maintenance. Choose this option when traditional methods like snaking do not work. Do this work before you pursue major plumbing work like lining. Use water instead of harsh chemicals to remove all types of stubborn substances. Rely on our plumbers who give safe, effective results that last for many years.

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