by The Nashville Plumber on November 19, 2012

Commercial plumbing, in comparison to residential plumbing, is a fairly different job. Consider that a residential toilet is being used by a few people throughout the day, and most homes have a second toilet. The stresses on that toilet are nothing compared to a toilet at a business or public space with high foot traffic. The added foot traffic and increased usage all add to the challenges faced by a commercial plumber.

Residential plumbers are more likely to work somewhat standard hours. A home with a severe plumbing problem can typically opt to not use that bathroom until the plumber is back on duty. In extreme cases there are residential plumbers who work extended hours. Businesses do not have this luxury as businesses cannot expect to have guests without the availability of restroom facilities. Commercial plumbers know that they will work unusual hours and must be available when customers need them. For businesses, having an ongoing relationship with a commercial plumber is a necessity. A plumber who is accustomed to handling a certain business will always work to fit that customer in.

From the very early stages of a business a commercial plumber helps install the fixtures and ensure that everything is up to code. Get recommendations from other business owners to find a reliable commercial plumber known for his work. Starting out this way is a good way to establish that very necessary relationship. Plumbers are not only able to handle emergencies such as clogs and frozen pipes, but can help to make sure proper maintenance and preventive steps are taken to help avoid such problems altogether.

Asking a plumber for a report on the functioning of all plumbing fixtures is a common practice, also known as an energy audit, many are taking to save money. This can offer suggestions for repair or replacement. A residential plumber may do the same thing, but with the much greater scope and use of plumbing facilities in a public place the savings will be much greater. This adds to profitability as well as preventing problems from getting bigger and causing major damage.

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