Professional Water Leak Detection Information

A water leak can mean serious business. There are estimates that water leaks account for nearly 80 percent of water wastage in a household. Typical households in the U.S. waste thousands of gallons of water every year.

Not only is that environmentally unfriendly, wasting water is going to jack up your water bills. And that’s not the only cost if you put off dealing with a water leak until later.

There are the costs of repair and potential costs to your health. It’s worth your while to detect and deal with leaks ASAP. Here is leak detection information compiled for you by our professionals.

Being a Leak Detective

There are situations that call for the use of professional leak detection equipment, but if you use a checklist approach, you can often narrow down the source of the leak.

Start with your sinks.

Open cabinetry and look for moisture on the pipes or on the cabinet itself. Is there mold growing?

A good trick to see if water is trickling from the pipe joiceiling-leaknts is to wrap the pipe in a tea towel and see if it gets wet over time.

Examine your floors, walls and ceilings for signs of water damage that include discoloration, wet spots, mold growth or musty odors.

This is a common sight if you’ve got a toilet, tub or shower leak.

Your water heater could be the trouble spot. Is there pooling water? Do the valves leak? Do you see any rust?

Check under your appliances to ensure that they aren’t leaking. Pull them out from the wall and check for moisture.

The Effects of Water Leaks

Want to wager a guess how long it takes mold to grow after drywall or carpet gets wet, as it frequently does with a water leak?mold

Only 24 to 48 hours.

Removing mold from your home is a messy, expensive job.

Mold spores also present a risk to your health.

It is dangerous for anyone to inhale those spores, but even worse for people with allergies or asthma.

Mold is one of the more serious byproducts of water leaks, and it should not be taken lightly.

Preventative Maintenance

Since appliances leak so often, upgrade your connector hoses to braided stainless steel, which is the sturdiest option.

Clean faucet aerators often. Clean your pipes regularly and get them inspected for damage. Have a hydrojetting service done for the most thorough cleaning.

Save your pipes from stress by keeping water pressure low. Ensure that tiles aren’t loose in your bathrooms and caulk around your tub and shower as needed.


A Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Guide that You Can Use

There is a reason that they call the kitchen the heart of the home; you spend much of your time there every day. Similarly, your bathroom is another high-traffic area, where details matter, especially when it comes to the décor.

Are you contemplating remodeling one of both of these important rooms? Planning a big job like this is more complicated than simply picking styles and fixtures out that you like.

It’s a multi-part process, which involves budgeting, scheduling and of course, hiring the right person to do the job your way.

We’ve put together a project guide that you can use.

Start With a Plan

The very first stage of your plan is to determine your budget.

You need to set your budget before your wish list and not the other way around, or you run the risk of overspending and/or being costdisappointed.

Also determine the scope of the project. Are you doing a full remodel, or just some minor changes?

Sketch out your plan on paper or using software. It is important that you include measurements.

Does everything make sense with the footprint of the room? Does the existing plumbing support any new additions?

Have you accounted for ventilation in these hot, humid rooms?
Don’t forget about storage in your plans.

This is crucial in small spaces.

You will be without a kitchen and/or bathroom for the duration of the project. How will you accommodate this temporary inconvenience?

Think about color schemes for the floors, walls, countertops, fixtures, tiles and grout. Don’t forget about accessories like lighting and mirrors.

Plumbing and Fixture Updates

While you are updating your fixtures and plumbing, don’t just pay attention to how they look. How can your choices help you save money and water?

Now is the time to upgrade to low flow showerheads, dual flush toilets and aerated faucets. The benefits are many.

Hire Your Trusty Contractor

It’s time to get down to the interview process. Even if you have a favourite in mind, interview at least three. It will give you peace of mind.

These questions all ensure a good match.

  • Do they have a portfolio or website that you can look at?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they offer a warranty/guarantee?
  • What is the after service like, if necessary?
  • What is their policy on site cleanup, work hours and bathroom use?
  • How do they run their payment schedule?
  • Does it fit with your financing availability?
  • Do you have a chance to get a detailed contract?
  • How do they react when they encounter something that wasn’t in the plans?


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