by The Nashville Plumber on May 16, 2013

Do you need to get your drains professionally cleaned?


The benefits of a yearly drain cleaning maintenance call are many. For one thing, a plumber who comes once a year to a customer’s home saves the customer an exceedingly messy job. Even if the drain isn’t particularly messy, if the clean out plug for the main drain is found in the home’s crawl space, a plumber spares the homeowner having to enter a space that’s probably a breeding space for spiders and other unfortunate creatures. The experienced plumber knows how to deal with both clean out plugs and crawlspaces.Another benefit of yearly drain cleaning is that any clogs that are making sinks, toilets and bathtubs drain slowly are removed. These clogs can be caused by grease, debris or the roots of nearby trees or shrubs. If the clogs are bad enough, the drains won’t clear at all and can render fixtures more or less unusable. When these clogs are cleared away, the plumbing drains beautifully and is once again sweet smelling and tolerable. Also, removing tree roots is important because they can grow to the point where they burst the pipes, especially if the pipes are old and made out of clay or very old Orangeburg pipe. Replacing a burst pipe is expensive, especially if the pipe is underground and needs to be dug up.

One good way to make sure that the drains are cleaned out every year is to enter into a service contract with a reliable, licensed and insured plumber. This means that the customer doesn’t need to constantly remember that the drains need to be cleaned out. The plumbing contractor will remind the customer that it’s almost time for the service. Also, a service contract usually offers the customer a discount on the drain cleaning and other maintenance and trouble shooting of the plumbing system.

Are your drains not draining as well as they should? Call Nashville’s best drain cleaners at Green Hills Plumbing (615) 866-1917 and schedule a service call today!

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