by The Nashville Plumber on September 13, 2013

Tired of dealing with hard water?


Most households in America have tap water that is considered to be hard or containing excess minerals and metals. While this water is considered safe to drink, it may have bad taste, odor and/or color as well as many other negative effects. A good solution to this issue is to have a whole house water softening system installed.

Some of the immediately noticeable benefits of a water softener will be a smoother taste, no smell and a clearer color to your drinking water. When washing dishes, you will notice less spots or film residue, making your dishes appear cleaner. Beyond these benefits are several that aren’t immediately apparent, but will be appreciated over time.

These longer term advantages will be valued more the longer that you own a water softener. For one, your coffee maker and other appliances will last longer and work more efficiently as there will be less build up of mineral deposits. Your clothes will stay looking newer longer because of less minerals wearing the thread fibers and also less metal deposits which can leave stains. This is especially noticeable on white and light colored clothing. This will also require less detergent and color boosters. With a whole house water softener installed, there will be less build up and corrosion of the pipes in your house, meaning that they will last longer as well. Another effect of reducing the minerals and metals in your water is that your water heater will be more efficient and last longer.

Many people will consider, when debating water softeners, installing a filter either at the faucet or under the sink. While these may improve the taste of your tap water and might make your dishes come out cleaner, they do nothing to protect your appliances and pipes. Your best option is to have a whole house system installed and serviced. The amount you invest will be minimal when you consider the benefits and the savings generated from having softer water throughout your home.

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