by The Nashville Plumber on January 9, 2013

Chances are if your residence is 40-50 years old or more, you may need to think of your sewer line possibly needing repair. Even if your house is not that old, there is another possibility; your newer pipes may be connected to a worn out old sewer line.

To make this determination, of course, requires having a licensed, certified professional come to your property and run a camera through the sewer line itself.

Today, one method gaining rapid popularity is trench-less sewer repair. This method depends on various factors such as if there any sidewalks, patios or stone walkways constructed over the sewer line. If so, then a trench-less approach is best. It can cost more, but where there is a visible cement or concrete obstruction, it may be the only way to go.

Basically, a trench-less sewer repair process consists of inserting a tube constructed of fiberglass and coated with an epoxy resin into an old, damaged pipe. The old pipe is then blown up as a balloon would be. This is commonly known as “pipe relining.”

Within hours, the epoxy resin hardens leaving a new sewer pipe within the old one. As stated before, this process can be more costly than merely digging a new trench and covering with sod/grass. However, it may be more cost effective in the event a homeowner has to tear up a driveway, for instance.

Another method rapidly gaining in popularity is “pipe bursting.” This must also be done by highly trained professionals and there is no room for a novice. In some instances, it may be also more cost effective than tearing up the whole yard.

Two tiny access points are dug at the entrance and exit point of the piping system. A brand new and much stronger high density polyethylene pipe is then pulled through the old one, literally breaking it apart. This technology is another viable and effective option to tearing up the entire yard of a residence.

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