by The Nashville Plumber on October 1, 2012

Call your Nashville Plumber for a Clogged ToiletThough the toilet is meant to dispose of waste and toilet paper, it can handle other daily items we use in the bathroom, as well, but should it? In an effort to protect our home investment and save on water, it is important to be aware of the items discarded in the bathroom that end up being flushed down the toilet, as these smaller items can lead to potential clogging and even pipe damage that can result in even further water damages.  Following are the most common items to avoid flushing down the toilet in order to maintain a properly functioning system that won’t clog up when you need it most.

1. Diapers and sanitary napkins: These should never be placed in the toilet for discarding. Throw these out in the garbage bin.

2. Cigarette butts: Don’t even take the chance with flushing one of these down. They contain chemicals and are better off being thrown out in the regular garbage bin.

3. Hair: Clumped up in batches, they can quickly stop the natural flow of water in your plumbing. Avoid throwing out any hair, regardless of the amount, in the toilet.  Toss this in the waste basket.

4. Cotton swabs: Whether plastic or cardboard, these can stop a healthy flow of water, as well. Throw them out in the waste basket.

5. Dental floss: This product is not biodegradable and can gum up the sewers.  It’s best to place used dental floss in the trash.

6. Dryer sheets: Depending on how close your dryer is to the bathroom, it may be tempting to toss out a used dryer sheet or two down the toilet, but don’t! They have chemicals and should be thrown out in the garbage.

7. Towel paper: Due to its thickness, it can easily cause a clog if flushed down, especially if they contain chemicals from cleaning up messes. It’s best to throw these out in the waste basket, as well.

Every time you flush, the toilet can waste as much as three gallons of water, depending on the type of system you’ve invested in. Flushing items that are better suited for being discarded in the waste basket can clog your toilet, damage your plumbing lines and even lead to further water damage. Take the necessary precautions by emptying out your bathroom’s waste basket regularly and keeping the toilet lid down to better resist the temptation of throwing out one of these common items in your trash can the next time you use it.

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