by The Nashville Plumber on August 2, 2012

Signs Your Sewer Needs Repair by Your Springfield, TN PlumberThe average public sewer system is estimated to be thirty years old. With the housing boom a few years back, more homes are plugged into the system then the system was designed to accommodate. Clay pipes were often used before the late 1980’s and last half as long as the more modern PVC pipes do.

The system is over worked and the clay is breaking down. Damage to faulty sewer lines can be costly, but there are warning signs to look for. Following are the 5 signs that your sewer needs to be repaired.

  1. Do you have a damp yard where it wasn’t damp before? Sewage pooling poses a health risk for your home and community. If nothing has changed on the surface, something has changed below the surface.
  2. Have you noticed a rotten egg smell? This will be particularly noticeable in your basement or in open shower drains or wash basins. Older fittings do not always have a barrier to keep the gas out and may indicate an outdated sewage system.
  3. Backups inside your home may indicate different issues. For instance, if only your shower backs up then you likely have an isolated clog. But if the toilet and shower back up, there is a larger issue to deal with. Heavy rains can cause backups when the sub-pump is no longer able to accommodate the excess runoff. Is your home the lowest house on the street? If your city has sewer issues, you will back up first. This is the most dangerous and expensive warning sign of all. Backups will not stop once they start and will only progressively get worst. Anything that touches raw sewage is not salvageable, including flooring and insulation.
  4. If your toilet does not flush well, you could have issues with a blockage or a clogged pipe.
  5. Statistically speaking, homes built before the 1980’s are more likely to have problems due to the age of the pipes but also larger trees in the yard that interfere with sewer pipes. Shrubs and trees outgrow their surroundings and may eventually seek water through cracks in your sewer and water lines.


So how can you, the homeowner, help the situation? Avoid putting grease or food scraps down the drain. Plant trees away from your utilities. And when you recognize the warning signs, call a professional before it turns into an emergency.

Don’t wait until you have a large, costly sewage problem on your hands. Contact Green Hills Plumbing, your experienced Nashville plumber, today at (615) 866-1917 to schedule your in home consultation.


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